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Finding Legal Solutions Through Mediation

Most people would prefer to avoid the hassle and expense of litigation. That is why mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution have become so popular in recent decades. If you have a legal dispute you would like to settle with the help of a neutral facilitator, mediation might be the best route for you.

Our founding attorney, Dawn S. Veltman, has over 10 years of mediation experience. She helps clients throughout northeast Maryland resolve their disputes in a professional, amicable environment. She is known throughout the area for her dedication and skill. She has received multiple awards, including designations in “The National Advocates Top 100 Litigators” and in the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys’ “10 Best Law Firms” for client satisfaction.

How Can Mediation Help Your Case?

Mediation allows both sides to express their views with a neutral third party to provide structure and feedback, helping each side move closer to a compromise that will work for everyone. Mediation offers:

  • More control over the process and the final agreement, rather than having a judge or jury decide.
  • Financial savings, as litigation can take time and money.
  • A friendlier setting, that can allow you to preserve important relationships.

Although mediation has become particularly popular in family law, any type of litigation can benefit from the process including:

If you are wondering whether your case might be a good fit for our mediation practice, we would be happy to discuss it with you.

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