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What happens if you fail to pay rent in Maryland?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2022 | Real Estate Law

A public health crisis over the past two years caused many people to be furloughed or lose their job altogether. These people were unable to pay their rent. In response, federal and local governments issued moratoriums on evictions. They also provided rental assistance to suffering tenants.

However, the moratoriums are now over and the funds for rental assistance have dried up. Now, many people who have been behind on the rent for months are forced to pay up or face eviction.

Failure to pay rent can lead to eviction

If your landlord believes that you breached your lease, they have some options. Failure to pay rent is a common breach of a lease in Maryland.

If you failed to pay what you owed in rent, your landlord can pursue an eviction and may also be able to pursue financial compensation for the back rent you did not pay.

The eviction hearing

You will have to attend a hearing in District Court if you want to fight the eviction. At the hearing, your landlord will explain their side of the story first. After that you will be able to tell your side of the story. Both you and your landlord can present evidence in support of your claims.

After both sides have had their say, the judge will rule in favor of either you or your landlord. It is possible that the judge will order a second hearing if they need more information to make a decision.

If the judge rules in favor of your landlord, they will issue a judgment for possession, allowing the landlord to evict you. The only way you can stop an eviction at this point is if you pay all of what you owe in rent plus court costs before the eviction occurs.

Fighting unjust evictions

It is unfortunate that so many people are facing eviction. Some of these evictions may seem unjust or may even be wrongful. Tenants in Maryland can seek legal assistance to defend against an unfair eviction so they can stay in their home.