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Guiding you and your children through a mediated divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2022 | Family Law

When married couples decide to start a family, they often imagine their future including all the childhood milestones, family vacations and holidays spent together as a family unit. Thus, when parents decide to divorce, it can be challenging to think about these life events as a single parent. Furthermore, it could cause disputes concerning parenting time, holiday schedules and child support. Thus, it is important that divorcing parents fully understand their situation so they can take proper legal action.

Divorcing with children

At the Law Offices of Dawn S. Veltman, LLC, our Maryland attorneys understand that divorce is never easy. And when divorce comes with family law issues, it can further complicate an already-complex and emotional matter. Therefore, our law firm takes the time to assess your matter, helping you understand the options available to you.

The benefits of mediation

While litigation is often associated with the divorce process, it is not the necessary method or even required to finalize a divorce decree. Mediation is a method that helps parents not only collaborate to work through divorce issues but child custody and support matters as well.

Mediation or a collaborative divorce has its benefits, as it can help parents work better together in the future for their children. This means a better chance of successfully navigating custody and support issues in the future.

If you wish to move forward with a mediated divorce, it is important to become well informed about the process as well as your other options. Our law firm is well versed in family law, and we have the experience to provide you with insight into your situation, helping you take steps to protect your rights and the best interests of your children.